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Why not take advantage of the most abundant energy source on the planet?

The amount of solar energy that strikes the earth’s surface in only 90 minutes is enough to take care of the entire earth’s energy needs for a full year.

Now you can enjoy the comfort and savings advantages of this inexhaustible energy source with a solar energy system from Sunshine Solar Sales Group of Clearwater, FL. Call 727-306-2196 for your FREE consultation and estimate.

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Clean, abundant, renewable…and loaded with benefits for you

Florida lives up to its “Sunshine State” nickname with plenty of sunny days every year, making it the perfect environment for a solar energy system.

When you make the decision to “go solar,” here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:


Lower energy bills


Increased home value and resale advantages


A 26% federal solar tax credit


Generous property and sales tax exemptions


Net metering programs save you money even if you’re not home!

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